Brenda Pernell

Wife, Mother and Early Childhood Teacher

Brenda Pernell, affectionately called “Ms. Brenda” by her students, dedicated her life to caring for children. For over 30 years she nurtured, loved, and taught children in the early childhood centers where she worked. Ms. Brenda’s work serving infants and toddlers, who will someday become North Carolina’s future leaders, was a labor of love. Ms. Brenda did the work she felt called to do, even though working in this field often comes with low pay and few benefits. In addition to the children she cared for in the early childhood setting, Ms. Brenda, was a proud mother of three children.

On April 25, 2019, Ms. Brenda’s life was cut short when she passed away after a stroke. Without health insurance, she had been unable to get care for her heart and blood pressure. Ms. Brenda’s family and her community lost a devoted mother, loving wife, and a hardworking teacher. Ms. Brenda and her family paid a price that no one should have to pay.