Shana Dunn


Shana worked for the state of North Carolina in a job she loved until her many health issues forced her to accept long-term State disability.She applied for Social Security Disability but was denied, as was her appeal. When her three years of State disability benefits ended, she had no means of income and no medical insurance. There were times she had no food, electricity or heat. The little house she was so proud to purchase was foreclosed and sold.

Shana’s application for Medicaid was initially denied but eventually approved for an interim period as long as her Social Security Disability appeal was pending. With her interim coverage she was prescribed a plethora of pain medications with no plan for reduction. On July 3, 2017, the age of 46, she went to bed with plans to attend a family July 4th cook-out the following day. Unfortunately she took more pain medication than her diseased heart could handle. I found her in bed the next day, finally at peace after seven years of fighting a system that offered little to no help.